Creating images that inspire insightful dialogue among viewers is my objective. A drawing, painting, print or any art should awaken reminiscence of one’s past or inquisitiveness of places and things of interest or beauty.

The majesty of an eagle soaring high above mountain tops or the delicate beauty of a flower nourished by nature can inspire a feeling of knowing life is unfolding as it should.

I was raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania where my family has lived for generations. A child of hard working parents (as most of us were) i worked various jobs and professions while earning a college degree. My interest in art began very young when my father became fascinated by nature photography. Watching my father work in his darkroom and seeing images come to life before my eyes was very inspiring.

Each image I create reminds me of my late father’s love of nature and the beauty in the world around us.

My works have been displayed in Soho Art-house in NYC.

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Silent Winter Night
Dock of the Bay
Jimi Hendrix
Winter Wonderland
The Violinist
Boston Skyline
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